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One in eight hundred

How is it to create a home when life doesn't turned out as planned? How does your perspective change, what values do you follow?

Sin Began With Marlene

"These days, planting apples is almost like it's own religion." Land in Italys northern-most province is getting rare. Mono-crop farming is on the move.

Once only

You are lucky if you are invited. You can bring a guest. You will not come a second time.

Up in the North

We all knew it would all be gone as soon as on of us would leave. So we just kept doing what we did, not really considering the end. It was the leaving train that told us what it meant to grow up.

In Memory Of My Father

Around 5000 Greenlanders werde born before 1963 out of wedlock from relationships between their Greenlandic mother and Danish seasonal workers on Greenland. Up until today these Greenlanders don't own the legal right to their biological father.

Teaserbild Alm

Ein Sommer auf der Alm

Alois Joos bewirtschaftet seit 10 Jahren die Rifair Alm in Suedtirol. Die kompletten Sommermonate stellt er mit Hilfe seiner Hirten hochwertigen Kaese in der Sennerei her.

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